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Rapid Prototypes Ltd. are experts in Stereolithography. We run a fleet of seven Stereolithography Production Systems. With industry leading Stereolithography capabilities;  we deliver on the most demanding projects. We offer a range of six 3D Systems Accura, Stereolithography resins.  Accura thermoplastic-like Stereolithography materials include grades of ABS, polycarbonate and Polypropylene . This allows you to select a material that best fits your project's requirements.

We have extensive quality control checks in place during the manufacturing process. We produce parts with high accuracy, good surface finishes, consistently and faster.

Stereolithography Service Options


2-3 Day Shipping

  • High Quality, Fast Delivery

4-7  Day Shipping
  • High Quality, 10% Saving
8-14  Day Shipping
  • High Quality, 20% Saving


High Resolution: 100 μm


Finishing Options

L1: Strip & Ship, L2: Standard Finish
L3: Enhanced Finish, L4: Presentation
L5: Presentation & Paint


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Wide Choice of Stereolithography Materials

We offer a full range of 3D Systems Accura Stereolithography resins.

Stereolithography Production Systems

We run the six Stereolithography Production Systems.  3D Systems® , iPro 9000 XL, iPro 8000, 2x Projet 7000,  Viper, Pro x 800.

Industry Leading Large Build Stereolithography Printing Capabilities

We are one of the 3 companies in Europe and 5 in the Americas, that run an iPro 9000 XL System.  Allowing us to build parts up to 1500 x 750 x 550 mm.

Stereolithography Systems: iPro 9000 XL

iPRO 900 Stereolithoghy

The iPro 9000XL is a giant in the 3D Printing world with a part build capacity of 1500 x 750 x 550 mm. The iPro 9000XL builds large ABS-like plastic parts quickly and economically. Parts are accurate and have with great surface smoothness. if you need large parts without the need to build in sections and assemble, the iPro 9000 is a great solution.
“With the addition of the IPro 9000XL to our fleet of production systems. Rapid Prototypes Ltd,  is able to offer the largest 3D Printing solutions and shortest lead-times”, Richard Smeenk President of Rapid Prototypes Ltd.
Need a Large Part that you need printed in one piece? Low Volume Production of medium size parts? Rapid Prototypes Ltd. can support your most demanding Rapid Prototyping requirements.

Stereolithography Applications

Ideal for highly detailed, Design Verification, Display Models, Casting Patterns & Clear parts. Stereolithography has highest detail, tolerance and accuracy of any 3D Printing Process. At Rapid Prototypes Ltd. we build large Stereolithography parts with high resolution and fast turnaround.

  • Functional components & Design Verification
    • Automotive styling parts - trim, facia, and other component
    • Consumer Electronics
    • Consumer Products
    • Snap fit assemblies
  • Alternative to CNC machining of ABS and polypropylene
  • Simulate Injection Molding Parts
  • Display & Architectural Models
  • Aerospace wind tunnel Models
  • USP Class VI for Medical Applications
  • Low Volume Production
  • Fast and accurate, large models built in under a day.
  • Smooth finish making the process ideal for master patterns
  • Wide range of material options.
    • ABS like Materials
    • Polycarbonate like Materials
    • Polypropylene like Materials
    • Clear Materials
    • Temperature and Moisture Resistant Materials

Disadvantages of Stereolithography

Unlike thermoplastics, Stereolithography parts degrade with long-term exposure to UV light and moisture. Over time, you may experience part warpage, yellowing and brittleness, in some parts. Stereolithography parts are not intended for long-term use. To reduce the effects of UV and moisture parts can be plated or painted.
Printed in Accura 25 Stereolithography Material
Stereolithography: Box printed in Accura Clearview

Stereolithography: Accuracy, Tolerances, Surface Finishes

Layer Thickness


Minimum Feature Size

HIGH RESOLUTION 0.508mm for the XY draw plane (0.406mm for the Z build direction)
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