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Low Volume Production

Rapid Prototypes Ltd. is a UK leader in 3D Printed Low Volume Production.  If you are looking for low to medium volume production runs, then you have come to the right place!
We run some of the largest 3D Production Systems that are available in the market which are ideal for low volume production.
Our focus is to support a customer's Rapid Prototyping & 3D Printing requirements from prototype through to low volume production. Once the prototyping phase of product development is nearing completion. We are often asked  by clients for low volume production parts. Typically this will be either to test the market with a new product or to launch a high value, niche product.

Low Volume Production Capabilities

We continually invest in the latest equipment and rapid manufacturing technology. We are well equipped to handle low to medium-volume production runs. We have annual 3D Printing Capacity of 150,000 hours. We run a lot of print jobs!

Low volume production jobs enable us to use machine time more effectively. We 'nest' low volume production runs around other parts that we are building. The result is that your parts uniquely affordable. The advantages for you as a customer are that this reduces your 3D Printing costs. With industry leading Rapid Prototyping capabilities. We can produce hundreds or thousands of part of small parts in a single print run.

Rapid Prototypes Ltd. minimises the “cost of waiting” for your full production tooling run. and enables you to get to market quicker.

Test your manufacturing or assembly processes with a pilot run before mass production to save time and money!

Low Volume Production: Volume Pricing


10+ Units


100+ Units


1,000+ Units


10,000+ Units

Please contact us to discuss your exact projects requirements. Once we have analysed your CAD file we will be in a position to work out an exact volume discount for your project. Volume discounts are only applicable on manual quotes

Low Volume Production Services

Low Volume Prodcution Selective Laser Sintering

Selective Laser Sintering

Low Volume Production MJP

Multi Jet Printing

Low Volume Production SLA


 Low Volume Production: Fused Deposition Modeling

Fused Deposition Modelling

Advantages of Additive Manufacturing for Low Volume Production

Rapid Deployment

The "On Demand" nature of additive manufacturing technology allows you to get to market faster.

Low Capital Expenditure

Parts are built directly from digital CAD data.  There are no upfront costs for tooling.

Fast Lead Times

With no tooling required.  With Direct Digital Manufacturing, parts printed from digital CAD data within hours. Compared to weeks for traditional manufacturing were lead times for molding could be 6-12 weeks.

Unlimited Complexity at No Extra Cost

In traditional subtractive manufacturing processes such as CNC. The more complex the part the more expensive it will be. This is due to the fact that you will have to machine away more material in a complex part. In Additive Manufacturing, the cost and time advantages are more pronounced in complex parts.
For a part produced using Additive Manufacturing the price of the part is just a function of the amount of material in the part.  ie. the cost of the part is independent of the design complexity.

Freedom to Redesign

Additive Manufacturing allows flexibility to modify and redesign parts with minimal costs. All that is required is a change to the CAD design file. There are no retooling costs and there are no time delays associated with retooling.  Additive Manufacturing serves as a great bride to production. Additive Manufacturing has the flexibility to change a product's design after its launch. This is particularly advantageous when launching new products.

Applications Best Suited to Low Volume Production

Complex Parts

One of the greatest cost advantages for Additive Manufacturing vs Traditional Manufacturing processes is when  you are looking to produce low volumes of  highly complex parts.  The cost of complexity comes at no higher price in Additive Manufacturing and is simply a function of the volume of material in the part.

Small Parts

In situations where you are looking to produce a low volume of small inexpensive parts. It is very hard to justify the upfront costs associated with injection molding. and will often find than Additive Manufacturing is a very cost effective solution.

Customized Applications

The cost of customization in Additive Manufacturing requires a simple change to the CAD Data. There are no tooling considerations or setup costs.  This means you can produce customized or unique items at a very similar cost to identical items.

Disadvantages of Additive Manufacturing for Low Volume Production

No Economies of Scale

Unit costs remain relatively constant irrespective of quantity unlike traditional manufacturing. In traditional manufacturing, the greater the volume you produce the greater your savings. Tooling costs are amortized over more units and you achieve economies of scale. 

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